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Management consulting

General Information on doing business in Russia

Tax consulting in Russia

Business process reengeneering and change management

Consulting services on mergers and acquisitions

  • Market research for the purpose of searching for the "target"-company
  • Testing a "target" for "compatibility" with the core business of the bidder including synergism testing
  • Financial analysis of the "target"
  • Appraisal of a company for the deal
  • The potential profitability forecast of the new company
  • Aggressive acquisition: attack on "Target"-company
  • Protection from aggressive acquisition

Consulting services in the field of marketing on the territory of Russia

  • Market competition analysis
  • Market capacity estimation, market segmentation
  • Goods competitiveness analysis
  • Effective pricing policy development
  • Market forecast
  • Conclusion on service/goods attractiveness

Consulting services on profitable investing in different areas in Russia

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