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Business process outsourcing


  • Tax optimization within The Russian Federation
  • Completing all statements required (tax and statistical) to authorities

Registration and day-to-day running the company

  • Assistance in choosing the appropriate type of legal entity
  • Company registration
  • Drawing up of trade agreements between legal entities
  • Day-to-day book-keeping and tax accounting, tax estimation
  • Settlements with suppliers, invoicing
  • Representation of clients interests in a court


  • Operation of payroll
  • Completing payroll returns to authorities
  • Calculation of taxes, related to payroll
  • Assistance in using options


  • Carrying out an audit in accordance with Russian and international standards (IAS / US GAAP)

If you have a question(s) to ask or would like to obtain additional information about these services, please feel free to contact us either by a phone, or by an e-mail address.

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