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Practical Expierence


  • Carring out an audit in accordance with Russian and international standards 
  • Review of financial and economic activity
  • Review of optimality of tax bases
  • Representation in tax authorities
  • Accounting and Tax consulting
  • Management accounting consulting
  • Legal consulting
  • Review of observance of owners rights
  • Review of financial and economic activity of affiliated and dependent companies, subsidiaries located far from the parent company
  • Review of correctness of settlements on transactions
  • Property stocktaking
  • Analysis of financial and economic activities
  • Conducting personalized studies and analyses
  • Setting up and keeping of management accounting
  • Restoration of accounting
  • Diagnostics and optimization of internal control system
  • Investment support
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Marketing studies, information about markets
  • Tutoring of personnel, training
  • Introduction of international standards of accounting and reporting
  • Arbitrage, defence of interests of the owners and investors
  • Registration, liquidation, reorganization, merger and acquisition services
  • Implementation of bankruptcy procedure, management services

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